GEATECH is a young but dynamic company specialised on design and construction of maintenance equipment for railway, tramway and metro lines; and, in general terms, designs and manufactures hydraulic power stations.
A different activity is focalised on design and construction of building equipment and special realisations for fire brigade, rescue team ecc.

Geatech appeared on the Italian market in 1991 thanks to an idea of Carmine Albanese, which over the years has been able to develop and maintain a business specialization in a large and complex sector such as rail.

Thanks to determination, will power and entrepreneurial skills of the Founder, Geatech Company, despite being a small business, managed to penetrate foreign markets, not only in Europe, but also in other continents. Today it is recognized in 22 countries around the world.

In 2011, GEATECH decided to acquire SAGUATTI MECCANICA, a company which has been operating since 1959 in the field of precision mechanics, in order to directly manufacture those parts necessary for the production of railway equipment, without neglecting work under contract .

Year 2017 marks the fusion of the two companies: GEATECH Group Srl is born.

In the factory located at Altedo (BO) we design and manufacture machinery and tools for railway armaments (Rail Division), whereas in Sant'Agata Bolognese’s (BO) factory we carry out cast iron, aluminum and steel machining for the hydraulic sector (Mechanical Machining Division): in particular pumps , valves, motors, gears and speed transmissions.

For information concerning mechanical machining, you can write to:

As in 1991, the Company has versatility and desire to develop new projects, qualities that arouse customers' respect and appreciation.

The wide range of our products, most of them sold as official dealer for the domestic market, let us fully meet the clients request.
The web site catalogue shows only a part of our products range.

The company, certified as per ISO 9001:2008 on the year 2003, ISO 14001:2004 on the year 2011, is located in Altedo (Bologna - in the North of Italy) and covers an' area of 2000 sqm, 500 of which are spare parts warehouse, with more than 3000 items not only for our equipment ( Pandrol clip- Vossloh clip - spiking - sleeper drilling - impact wrench - rail drilling - rail cutting - rail grinding - ballast remover machines) but also for most common machines (Matisa - Plasser - Donelli - Paganelli - Starfer ecc.).

Another area of 5000 sqm, 1000 of which covered, located by the side of the Bologna-Ferrara railway line is our store for big machines and various track equipment. Our forwarding department grants an' efficient and fast delivery service using either national and/or international carrier (DHL, TNT, BRT, FS LOGISTICA, ecc.), but also using our internal fleet of vans let us reach our clients all over in Italy, including Sicily and Sardinia.